Rabbit Register for Windows Standard Edition

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System Requirements:

IBM compatible computer

Windows 98 or later

SVGA (800x600) required

64 or more MB of memory when using Windows 98, 256 MB memory for all others

Program Features:

Keeps track of all sanctioned breeds, plus other popular breeds such as Lionhead, Velveteen Lop and Mini Satin. Data is segregated by breed.

Simple data entry. For instance, when entering the pedigree of a newly-purchased animal, the program displays a blank pedigree on the screen, and you just fill it in. The computer prompts you to fill in the required information for each entry. For instance, while you are entering the color of the rabbit, the computer provides a list of all ARBA-accepted varieties for that breed.

Data for each animal is only entered once, regardless of how many times that rabbit appears in a pedigree. Our pedigrees show ALL vital data, unlike some other programs. For example, we include ear size on English Lops, and markings on Checkered Giants.

The Register program keeps track of your rabbits, their litters, and their winnings.

You can easily locate any animal in the database, either by its name, ear number, cage number or registration number, which becomes very useful when you have a large number of animals.

View the ancestors of an animal, or its full-siblings and half-siblings. Pick an animal or a buck/doe pairing and view their first generation descendants.

When viewing a pedigree you can display up to 7 generations on the screen at one time, depending upon the capability of your monitor.

The program easily accommodates more than one animal with the same ear number -- there's no need to 'fake' an ear number, as you have to do with other programs.

Register automatically calculates the age class of each of your animals, based on the date of birth and the current date. It does not automatically bump up based on weight, but does allow you to force a bump up when needed.

Register will display your data sorted by name, tattoo, color, age class, and several other choices.

Register prints cage cards/labels, address labels, mailing lists, inventories, breeding certificates, labels for remark cards, and, of course, pedigrees.

Register creates completed show entries and show remark card labels. In addition to printed show entries, it makes emailable show entries. Click here to see a sample of an email show entry.

Register gives you many different choices for pedigree formats, including both landscape and portrait orientations. You may print either standard 3 generation or expanded 4 generation pedigrees.

Register also provides a standard 3 generation pedigree in HTML format, so that you can email a pedigree or post it on your website.

Register supports importing and exporting pedigrees - so that all of the paperwork is on disk. The buyer of a rabbit can then read that disk into the program and get a full pedigree with no typing at all!

Register can include a graphic on your pedigree. Images of any format can be pasted into the program. The program can directly read GIF, JPEG, BMP and WMF files.

Register provides standard Windows context-sensitive, Hypertext-style help. And we provide unlimited free telephone support, too.

Register keeps track of your income and expenses, letting you view and print them by category and date.

Register keeps track of litter weights and calculates Feed Conversion Ratio.

But don't take our word for it see what our customers think.

To view further information on the program, including images of the most frequently used screens, please take the guided tour.

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your machine, you can view printouts from out program on our sample page.

To receive sample printouts by US mail, please request a brochure.

Standard Edition Available Breed Lists:

United States and Canada


Denmark, Norway and Sweden (under development)

New Zealand

United Kingdom

Others available on request

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